Top 5 BBQ Hut accessories

Nordic wooden cups

nordic cups

These 100% natural, handmade Nordic cup set, is the perfect accompaniment to a rustic Grilkota feast. 


When used for the first time, we generally, suggest soaking wooden articles in salt water for upwards of 3-4 hours, then washing them normally before first time usage. 

Don’t be alarmed if the surface of the cups feel coarse. This is a perfectly normal reaction to the salt water solution – it’s only a temporary woe and will be amended when used regularly. 

Sets of 2 have a retail value of £12. 

* Please note that you should not put your cup into a high-temperature appliance, for example, an oven or microwave, and store in a cool dry place when not in use.* 

Cushion Packs

cushion grey


Relax in comfort with a set of 5 cushions, manufactured to fit, perfectly in your, Finman BBQ Hut. 


The cushions are 80mm thick, giving ample padding, and protection. 

Each set is water resistant, giving you added protection from dreaded spillages – as long as you are proactive in wiping up the fluids, you shouldn’t experience any prevalent stains ,as liquid doesn’t immediately seep into the fabrics  

Choose from a selection of colours to personalise your hut; 

Blue, Grey, Brown and Red

Prices start at £295

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Available in several different sizes, starting from our smallest 3m BBQ to 5m varieties. 

Finman Extractor Fan.

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Practical. Safe. Clean! – Introducing our exclusive Finman Extractor Fan, resulting in the cleanest, safest, most practical BBQ Hut available. 


Take control of the flame like never before, with 6 settings and low energy requirements , you can be rest assured that you are your family are safe in one of our BBQ Huts. 

With the addition of the Finman Extractor Fan, you can transform your BBQ vessel into a fully fledged fire pit. No need for excessive chemicals, or fire starters as the flow of air will stimulate your flame to light. With the use of the 6 settings, you are able to control, mans greatest tool while burning real dry logs, and other natural wood products, in doors. 

Smoke, smells and fumes are all repelled from the power of the fan. After purchase, you’ll never look back! 

This a game changer! 

Retail value of £500 

Larger BBQ Table

larger bbq table

This cracking addition makes Hut-life a whole lot easier. 

The larger tables give you free reign to prep food and drinks, straight in front of the flame. No hassle, no stress, no long trips, back forth from the kitchen – chop, season, and rest ingredients to give yourself some space to breathe. 

Constructed from laminated timber, this piece of kit will replace your existing, 8 small wooden boards in exchange for 4 large, solid platforms.  

*Suitable for 7m2 and 11m2 Finman BBQ Huts only* 

This could be yours for only £270 

Aspen Wooden stools

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Quality finished, Aspen timber stools are fantastic addition to a Grillkota or log cabin. 

They take their name from the wood they are crafted with – re-purposed Aspen timber, and provide a number of services. 

A handy, compact stool, that fits perfectly underneath Finman benches, to be stored efficiently, and can be used at a moments notice. 

A decorative stand for drinks and the like – LED’s and electric candles, reflect light beautifully through the slats. 

The Aspen wood stool is useful, non intrusive accessory, that will fit any theme or style in your very own snug! 

Pick up one of these for only £35 each. 



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I am a manager at Logspan, a company that specialises in selling Log Cabins, BBQ Huts, Timber Garages and other wooden buildings including Log Mobile Homes.
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